Our Product Lines

Al Cass, Alan Abel, American Plating, Anne Hodge Products, Audi Graph, BAM Cases, BERP Products, Blue Juice , Bobelock, Bo-Pep, Buckaroo, Cadence Percussion, Calzone/Anvil, Carpenter Co., Chartier, Danmar, Deer River, Deshazo, Dukoff, E. Wilfer, Elixr Strings, Ernst Schnabl, Everly, F. Schmidt, Fobes, Glasser Bows, Grover Trophy, Gunter Maibach, Halbe, Harmon, Harron Batons....

Our Distribution

United Musical Distribution was formed in 2006. United Musical Distribution’s core belief is that music education is the key to success in our industry. Our company is unique in that our primary focus is school music. We also offer same day shipping and because of our central location most dealers receive their orders within 1-3 business days.