Klose Bb Soprano Clarinet

Klose Bb Soprano Clarinet








Professional Wood Bb Soprano Clarinet

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Klose professional wood Bb soprano Clarinet

Klose instruments are sought after for their excellent award winning features such as a beautiful and mellow sound, good intonation, functional reliability, perfect workmanship and very affordable prices.

A Brief History Of The Clarinet:

While Johann Denner is given credit in 1690 for the invention of the modern day Clarinet. H. Klose is given credit for its improvement and adaptation of the Boehm Flute Key to the instrument. H. Klose was a professor at the Paris Conservatory Of Music.

The Boehm Fingering System which was developed by Theobald Boehm for Flutes, was adapted to Clarinets by H. Klose and Auguste Buffet. In 1843, The Reorganized Fingering System for the Clarinet was successfully developed. This is the fingering system that remains popular today. The basic idea was to place the tone holes more acoustically correct. With an intricate system of keys and springs, H. Klose was able to produce a more in-tune and stable instrument.

Mozart wrote his first Clarinet Concerto for an instrument designed by H. Klose. The Mid-1800’S was known as The Romantic Era. The Romantic Era can be viewed as the period in which the Clarinet came into its own. With technical development in key-work, improvements in the dynamic range and intonation, the Clarinet has found a place and has become a prominent instrument in the genres of symphonic, operatic, band, chamber and solo work.


  • Offset trill keys
  • Silver plated keys
  • Mouthpiece
  • Professional case

Klose Bb Soprano Clarinet

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