Ridenour "C" Clarinet W/Case

Ridenour  "C" Clarinet W/Case








Featuring advanced bore design creating both outstanding and superb tuning and tone,even throughout the entire range.

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Ridenour "C" Clarinet

The Ridenour Clarinets are designed by Tom Ridenour. Each Clarinet has specific tone hole placement and bore design to maximize an even and smooth scale. The keys are made of strong nickel silver material and nickel silver plated.

The instruments are made of a material by DuPont that gives it a warm wood like tone. Each instrument is hand adjusted the Ridenour Clarinets have a 6 year limited warranty on all parts.


  • Key of C
  • Semi-professional hard rubber body
  • In-line trill keys
  • Nickel plated keys
  • Ergonomic register key
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Case and mouthpiece

Ridenour  "C" Clarinet W/Case

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